There’s a storm coming…

Diamond Does Diamond

Hurricane Lover

A story about a storm.  

And about how everybody needs somebody sometime.

16 Years in the making.

Through the struggle, the pain and the rain.

A Song Is Born.

Hurricane Lover is a song about being alone in a storm. Ironically, it is how this song was born. In 2002 a hurricane hit Louisiana and I found myself alone in a new apartment. No furniture, no lights, no family, no close friends. Singing country music, but feeling the blues. 

Although I have sung all my life, it wasn’t until much later I would find the stage. I grew up California in the era of big band sounds, Lena Horne, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Minnie Rippenton  and Nancy Wilson, so what else was a girl to do?  After years of writing I produced my first song. It was 1998. And at the time, for some off the beaten trail reason, the genre I chose to pursue was country music.

By the spring of 1999 I had written, produced and performed 3 original songs.

The first song “Cigarette Butts On The Table” was written and produced in the fall of 1998 at Kingfish Studios in Baton Rouge with producer and performer Wendall Tilley.

I wrote two other songs which were produced the following year inJanuary through February of 1999 at Bluff Road Recording Studio, with multi platinum award winning artist, the late Harold Coward. Who notably performed and toured globally with many legendary bands and singers of the 70s including BarBara Streisand. At that time, having worked with these two studios as a young, new artist I felt comfortable in thinking I was on my way to become a notable country singer. 

Until I met a blues legend or two.

The early 2000s led me to cross paths with the late great blues legend Raful Neal. Who would become my greatest mentor and was instrumental in the turning point in my singing career by offering a platform, and support in my introduction to the “blues.” I would go on to meet the late blues man Chuck Mitchell, who encouraged me towards realizing my talent and the stage that awaited me. Always introducing me to the stage with the grandness of fame. 

In 2002 on night after leaving a stage I was approached by the late great blues man Tabby Thomas. After singing country music anywhere I could, including his blues bar, he said to me;

“Diamond, you sound real good singing country, real good. But you need to be singing the blues.”

It was on that very night

…a storm was coming.

After midnight hurricane Lily made land as predicted.  With every thunderous roar and flash of light against the uncurtained windows I contemplated the loneliness of being single in a storm.

Realizing as the reality set in I too was all alone.

By candlelight a song was born.